Working for Komproment, we find it natural to think about the environment and sustainability in everyday life.

Hand in hand with this, we are very keen to work with honesty and high ethical morality in everything we do. In order to assure this, we have chosen some management tools which helps us to ensure that we are constantly maneuvering with high morale and within the chosen environmentally conscious mindset. Honesty is important to us, whether it be in the choice of materials or our way of acting in a proper way towards our partners. Komproment has chosen to collaborate with Cradle To Cradle, and this organisation provides us with the necessary Certification in our efforts to be the no. 1 partner on roof and facades.

Selected References

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Ryhaven has been renovated using VIDAR Clay Shingles and wood. These are materials that patinate beautifully over time.

The renovation of Ryhaven represents a new approach to renovation of general housing: For the first time in Denmark, modular construction is used in a renovation - new dwellings are built on the existing plinths. The new homes are up to date when it comes to energy requirements as well as the increased needs for flexible décor.

The homes in Ryhaven live up to 2020 requirements – a significant improvement compared to the previous construction. The modules are prefabricated and ready-made when delivered on the construction site. This reduces the construction period by 5 months and decreases the material waste.


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