The products in the Cradle to Cradle section are designed for separation and proven sustainable in cooperation with in Denmark. The later separation and the possibility are therefore thought into the design. The products are tested and we know what they contain and what cannot be separated and reused later in a façade or other construction we send in recirculating we via partners who are experts in their very areas.

Komproment works according to the principles of Cradle to Cradle and is certified at silver level with 5 products.

The certification through Cradle to Cradle is obtained because the products do not contain harmful substances and it consists of components that can be separated from each other. The certification process has been carried out in cooperation with Vugge til Vugge ApS in Denmark.

The product covered by the certification is:

  • Vidar
  • Teglspån
  • D Wall
  • Zappa
  • Natural slate traditional