Colosseum Earth


Colosseum Earth are authentic facade tiles developed for all types of climate. The tiles are made of a unique Clay that has been mixed with water and strained in order to obtain the right texture.

The result is an original tile with a variety of colours that are all well suited to be used in most Architectural contexts.
Colosseum Earth is mounted with a non-visible fixation system thus ensuring a homogenous facade.

The mounting is simple and quick and tiles can be easily replaced if damaged.
Komproment, from experience, has developed and documented some of the most sustainable products on the market.
With our products designed for separation and re-use, we believe that todays buildings are the material banks of the future.



Pcs. per sqm10.83 pc/per sqm
Size225 x 440 x 18 mm
Weight per shingleApprox. 4 kg/pcs. pr.
Water absorption10%
Colors9 Standard colors
Batten Distance210 mm



Niels Heidtmann
Export Director & Co-Owner
Tlf.: 50770452


Nikolaj Kristensen
Area Export Manager
Tlf.: 20580147