VIDAR Clay Shingles is developed as a lightweight brick exterior wall ideal for both new construction and renovation tasks.

VIDAR Clay Shingles is produced by some of the world’s best clay raw material, Westerwald ler.

VIDAR Clay Shingles is produced in 9 architect selected colors, and each color with different surfaces/structures.

VIDAR Clay Shingles chip can be delivered as a system solution with a finished assembly system with a 100 inorganic material selection.

VIDAR Clay Shingles is certified with silver under Cradle to Cradle.

That occurs after the burning of VIDAR Clay Shingle an extremely beautiful diversity in the color game in the individual colors.

VIDAR Clay Shingle

  • Real Brick
  • 18 different color and surface options
  • Stylish and elegant design
  • No maintenance-no operation costs
  • Low weight-requires no foundation
  • Long life on both tile and hanging system
  • Can be mounted all year round



Pcs. per sqm43 per/sqm
Size240 x 113 x 14 mm
Packing 1140 pcs. per. euro pallet
Weight per shingle0.8 kg/Brick chip
Water absorption3%
Batten Distance210 mm +/-3 mm



Niels Heidtmann
Export Director & Co-Owner
Tlf.: 50770452


Nikolaj Kristensen
Area Export Manager
Tlf.: 20580147