VIDAR -Integrated solar cells

If you are facing a major energy renovation, you will be able to use solar cells to reduce energy consumption and thereby improve the energy mark itself on the house.

We have developed façade integrated solar solutions for selected models in our product range, and we can both give over- punches as well as offers if you want your future façade to have energy production.

Producing its own energy will reduce CO2 emissions,

but perhaps more importantly: the need to buy energy for the household is reduced. This energy production will not only help reduce future energy costs, but also reduce the impact of future energy increases.

In the case of new construction, this energy production could be used as an important element in order to bring the energy frame together.

The solar cells that we are used are with matte satinated glass that stays under the gloss 10, i.e. the reshine from the glass is not a nuisance to either homeowners or neighbors.

The size of the solar cells always adapted to the selected type of façade, so that the height of façade stones and the solar cells is the end, this is done to ensure a high aesthetic appearance.




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Export Director & Co-Owner
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