Barcelona Plain

Barcelona Silver White is a true Spanish nature slate of a very high quality.

Barcelona Silver White splits with a rustic surface where the eye immediately sees the beautiful raw and natural slate structure of the natural slate.

Barcelona Silver White cleaves at the factory in the mountains of the Spanish region of Galicia in the northwest corner

of Spain.

Barcelona Silver White has an extremely long life of + 50 years.

Barcelona Silver White requires no maintenance and can withstand the harsh Danish climate with water, snow, frost and thaw.

Solar cells in Zappa facade system

As a natural part of the system, solar cells can be incorporated into the Zappa facade system, and appear as an integrated beautiful solution.
The solar cells are produced in an exclusive collaboration with the leading Danish solar cell producer Gaia Solar.
The solar panels are mounted as simple plug and play solutions.
The solar cells can be made in beautiful and customized color variations, and the glass can be made light-reflective or in anonymous matte versions.
We create the best and safest business case for you. Based on almost 20 years of experience and based on thorough needs analysis for your specific needs. Please contact us for further advice.
Pioneering color gamut for solar cells

GS Integra Line Color is a groundbreaking series of colored solar panels for roof integration.

The panels can be produced in several colors and where the color, gloss and visibility of the solar cells themselves are determined by the architect.

The panels are designed to be part of the building’s climate screen and thus form part of the building’s architecture. The panels typically replace another sheet material or glass section and are mounted in the same facade system as these.

The panels are available in several variants, where the base model of GS Integra Line Color consists of black monocrystalline solar cells on a black background behind an iron-poor glass with anti-reflective effect.

The base panel is the basis of the colored variants, where the back of the glass in the production process itself is treated so that it reflects a certain part of the spectrum of light. The reflected light is what creates the color of the panel.

The panels are mounted in the same workflow as the remaining facade. This makes it possible to replace facade panels with exactly the number of solar panels that meet your needs, without destroying the architectural expression.



Standard300 x 600 mm
Standard250 x 500 mm
Standard300 x 400 mm
Standard200 x 400 mm
Special measurementsCan be produced
EN 12.326-1European harmonized shale standard
Water absorptionA1, Best class
Impurities, pyriteT1, Best class
Sulfur dioxide, acidic environmentS1, Best class
ColorGrey Black


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